7 Mar 2014

Grainline Scout

As you may remember I had planned to make a top that looks like the top on the left using an independent pattern.
I chose to use Grainline Scout for woven fabric. I used a poly cotton in navy and white floral. Navy is a favorite of mine.  I wanted to make the top following the pattern before hacking it to be more like the top on the left.  The pattern was easy to make and came together very quickly.  I also - for the first time - graded my pattern as I am between sizes and this worked well.  I chose poly cotton as this year I am wanting to discover more about fabric and what I like to wear.  Polycotton is very cheap and readily available as well as being easy to cut so a good place to start but a false economy if I don't wear it.
I actually made this sometime ago but today was nice and sunny so I took pictures.  Still not overly confident about having my picture up it is on my dress form - maybe I should name her.    The one thing I have changed is I have added 3 inches to the hem as I felt it a bit short so now it is a wearable toile.  Off to start on the black star poly cotton and net version.  nervous as I have never strayed away from a pattern so far.
Have a great weekend

Also a big Thank You sooooo much if you voted for my Valentines design I came 2nd and am very very happy.   

17 Feb 2014

Wouldn't normally ask but...

Hi, I  know I've been quiet from blogging but thats because I've been sewing lots, fabric shopping and designing.  The designing part is new to me and really part of a career shift. Well I entered a competition and the deadline is fast approaching and I was wondering if you would like to vote.  The competition was to design a card and gift wrap for Valentines Day.  I entered a design and I'm currently in second place with a typewriter themed card.  I know Valentines Day has passed but if you still would like to share some love (see what I did there) then please vote for the design you think is best.  Thank you Link

10 Feb 2014

Great British Sewing Bee Season 2 excitement

wow .  It starting soon and more episodes already very excited .  Also they are looking for contestants for seasons 3 .  Looks like sewing is here to stay yay!!!

31 Jan 2014

New Year Sewing plans - delayed by one month oops

Well just managed to get this in before the end of January (unless you are based in Australia or nearby).  My plan sounded achievable at the beginning of the year, and it is, if I hadn't got sidetracked by knitting so I have decided that rather than trying to play catch up I will just move everything round a month - sneaky huh.  So this month - by that I now mean February my sewing plans are to make two tops.


Well I started with inspiration from Ruche which do modern vintage and normally have some cute stuff.  For February my two designs are below.
Inspiration from Ruche

I do not intend to make something identical to these, this is just my starting point.   Looking at the white top I choose to make it using Grainline's Scout pattern, but as yet do not have a pattern that is similar to the second top - ideally it will be from an independent designer.  If you know of a pattern please let me know.
I've not made this pattern before so will make a simple toile first to check the size and become used to the pattern- that said from what I have read it is not a difficult pattern.  

I also want to become more familiar with different fabrics as my knowledge is extremely limited at present.  My toile will be made in good old polycotton  So now I've written about it I have no excuse but to get on and make it.

If you have any suggestions for a pattern for the second make please leave a comment below.

30 Jan 2014

Knitting update - Promise more on sewing soon

Yes I know this sewing blog has been taken over by knitting.  Normal service will be resumed soon.  Well the good news is that I have completed my January plans and have made both a hat and scarf.  The scarf was made with double knit wool and involved 20 stitches cast on and then knit until I felt it was long enough then cast off.  Very easy and a great starting point to get confidence up.   I like the stripes that just knitting gave the scarf. The hat was a success in that it is indeed a hat but I don't think I will be wearing it. It also included more skills so cast on knit decrease and cast off but also sewing together to form the shape.

The knitting for February is a flower and a childs cardigan.  This seems like quite a leap but I will may close attention to the wool I buy as I think that the hat was less successful as this was odd ball of wool from the back of the cupboard so I'm not really sure what it was maybe too stretchy.

Well with the weather getting colder here at least my neck will stay warm.

17 Jan 2014

New Year Knitting Schedule January


New year and new challenges.  Having seen some beautiful cardigans and hats recently,especially LLadybirds and Tasia's Owls I have decided that it would be good to be able to knit, especially as I love to be warm and wear cardigans almost everyday.  So having been given a knitting book by my Mum aimed at beginners - yep thats me I'm a complete beginner - I have decided upon a rather ambitious schedule.  All the designs come from the book, which has perfectly placed them in order of difficulty.  There are a few designs that I will not be making either because I do not need them (baby booties) or I'm not keen (ZigZag scarf) but there are many that I can see myself not only making, but wearing.

So the schedule (January -April) is as follows and I will try to keep up with it.  Each month has two projects.

January Scarf and Hat
February Flower and Childs Cardigan
March Cable stitch project bag (to keep my knitting in) and lace wrap
April Mittens and Wrist warmers

I will post up as soon as I have completed each make - Not much of January left so need to get a wriggle on wish me luck.