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Hello and welcome,  If you have found this page then you are probably new to my blog and thank you for visiting.  I love comments too so please feel free to leave a comment if you enjoy this blog.  I'm Sarah.  I am a beginner dressmaker and only sew from the independent pattern designers.   I started this blog in January 2013 as a way of showing my progress in sewing clothes, something I had never done before. Last year (2013) my challenge was to make 12 different pieces from 12 different pattern designers. I managed to make 6 pieces. I did make more than 6 pieces but many of them were from the same pattern designer  I am a sucker for a new release. My most worn item to date is my Mathilde Alma blouse.

What's new this year?

Well this year I decided that I need to sew for everyday.  Whilst it is lovely to have beautiful party dresses this year is all about producing a fully functioning, workable, everyday wardrobe of handmade wonderfulness.  Since deciding this (November 2013) I have only bought two tops.  I aim to produce one item a week - maybe longer if its a tricky pattern.  The first part of the year was a frustrating quest for a good fit.The second part (May - December 2014) will hopefully be a vast quantity of perfectly fitting clothes.  Hey you have to have a dream.

I also have my very own serger now and hope to pluck up the courage to use it before Christmas

Start being brave and include more photos of me

My reason for starting sewing and writing this blog

1  To record  my progress in dressmaking
2  To share what is good and bad to help the reader
3  Encourage me to be more productive - there is nothing like a deadline
4  Support Independent Pattern Designers
5  Produce a wardrobe of well fitting clothes in colours and patterns to suit my personal style
6  Reduce my stash of fabric
7  Promote forever fashion - as opposed to fast fashion

Last updated May 2014

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