23 Jul 2013

Navy Ginger

This is the second completed item that I've made so far, ten more to go if I'm going to meet the challenge.  I wanted to make a navy corduroy skirt after seeing Tilly's red chunky corduroy grain-line.  So got to work straight away.  After making the pink ginger that I posted last week I was confident that the size was correct and set about cutting and assembling.  Invisible zipper was not really a problem this time as I went straight to the video, no stubborn frustration for me this time.

 I also have noticed that others were adding facing in different materials so I added a lovely purple facing at the waist.  It a quilting weight cotton and has hydrangeas on it.  I love the way it peeps over the top of the waist band.  I think my next ginger will have piping along the bottom of the waistband.

Again a nice straightforward assembly which will look lovely in the Autumn with some knee high/ calf boots.  Just need to find the perfect pair.  Any ideas?  This is also a practice skirt but definitely wearable.  I wanted to check I liked the pattern and fit  before cutting the gorgeous liberty corduroy I bought back in January.


  1. What a gorgeous skirt! I love the cord, and the hydrangeas fabric. I made my first Ginger with gabardine, which I also used for the facing; and I'm sorry I didn't use a lighter fabric, but I can live with it! Good luck with the next one. :)

    1. hello, Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment :) I'm really enjoying dressmaking and love being able to share my makes with everyone.


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