25 Oct 2013

My question to you - What do you listen to when sewing?

Whilst sewing my Victoria Blazer on Saturday night I began to wonder how other people sew?  I have my sewing space in the living room so often sew whilst having the TV on in the background.  Usually catching up on Downton Abbey or The Great British Bake Off.  My favorite was to have it tuned into 6music.  I especially like Cerys on a Sunday Morning.  But this Saturday night was different in that I was listening to podcasts.

Whilst making the Victoria Blazer I was referring to the photos on the By Hand website. They are very good.  So I had the podcast running in the background. I haven't really been one for podcasts but these were featured on a blog that I just started following on Bloglovin.  They were all about the recent BFI London Film Festival and featured interviews with independent film makers. What is it with me and the independents?  I do not have much knowledge about this subject but found it fascinating.  The podcasts are not very long but contained so much information in the form of friendly interviews.  I was not able to attend any of this years festival but feel that I would love to in the future.

So my question to you this month (as this will be a new monthly feature) what do you listen to when sewing? Do you listen to music whilst sewing and if so what is on your playlist? Do you have the window open and listen to the birds?  Or is it films, tv series or podcasts, radio stations? I look forward to your comments

The site I was listening to is called Directors Notes and can be found here if you wanted to have a listen too.  I know it will take me a while to get through their back catalogue.


  1. Last night I stitched away while sharing the dining room table with my husband. We chatted away whilst sewing and he was working opposite on his laptop. Loved it. But usually its the telly in the background, or the sound of children not sleeping and coming downstairs as my soundtrack.

  2. This is so romantic - I love it

  3. I get Spotify on and listen to whatever takes my fancy at the time. Last weekend it was David Guetta, sometimes it's more indie, other times I put on Classic FM. Depends what mood I'm in.
    Audio books are also a good option. I'm listening to 'Him and Me' by Jack Whitehall and his dad at the moment. It's really entertaining. Worth a listen.

  4. I had forgotten audio books, that's a good idea, I never get time to read

    1. Get on to Audible, it's fab.

    2. Will give it a go, thank you


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