3 Oct 2013

Challenge update

Hello, yes its Thursday and I'm back, so managing to stick to my new blogging schedule.  In my last post I said that I would be taking advice from Tilly and so here I go.  Well she advises that you blog regularly and  have regular features so here goes with the first one.

It seemed sensible to have a monthly update on the progress of my challenge however what is  more embarrassing is that its taken me till month 10 of a 12 month challenge to introduce a monthly update. So the challenge was to make 12 items from independent designers over the course of a year.  I thought that as a complete beginner I would struggle to make more than one a month so set an achievable target.

There is a more detail on the 12 finished projects page but so far this year I have made

1. Sewaholic Alma blouse
2. Colette Ginger skirt
3. Tilly and the Buttons Mathilde blouse
4. Made by Rae Buttercup bag  (currently only the first two are featured will sort this out soon)

 ...so I am one third of the way through and from recent fabric foraging trip to London I have most of the resources I need to complete this challenge

I am hoping that there will be two more projects completed this weekend

I will say that I haven't only been working on this challenge and found that I fell in love with too many new Colette dress patterns this summer.  This is not a bad thing, both Laurel and Hawthorn were really fun to make and I will be writing about them soon as well  but the truth is I haven't been as productive as I had hoped.  I should be making my 10th project.  Still a long way to go and its nice to have you with me for support.

So here's to a very productive weekend.  What are sewing plans this weekend?  Have you set yourself any sewing challenges this year and how are you getting on with them?


  1. I watched Tilly's talk after I saw it in your last post and I really found it so helpful and informative. Thank you for posting it!
    I feel like I need to get on with some serious sewing. I want a nice wool skirt or something for autumn. Maybe Colette Ginger. I'm all about skirts at the moment - today I cut out the pattern for the circle skirt from the Great British Sewing Bee book this afternoon. (Because who needs to do all that circle skirt maths when you can just use a pattern!) Waiting for my fabric to dry and will start work on it tomorrow!
    Love what you've sewn so far, and good luck with the rest of your plans!

  2. Wool skirt sounds good. I'm looking forward to wearing the corduroy ginger i made earlier this year. I've not made a circle skirt let us know how it turns out


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