13 Oct 2013

agggghh fabric fear strikes again and the need to embrace the new

Does anyone else suffer from fabric fear.  I shall explain...

As you all know I've not been doing this sewing lark for long.  Along the way I have made a couple of tops, one good skirt and several really nice dresses - still in love with my April Rhodes.  But this week I was to start on a new project.  Not a skirt, dress or top this was something, well, else.  This was a blazer.  (OK no prizes for guessing).  Late to the party although I like to think fashionably late, I have decided to start on the By Hand Victoria Blazer.
navy cotton sateen and navy polka dot

The instructions and packaging are wonderful and there is a lovely sewalong on their website to guide you through, yet I've hit a wall.  I physically cannot cut out my fabric.  So I have cut out the pattern - I even traced it (new skill alert).  But I know that I will need to build up the courage to cut it out. So whilst I move my head out of fabric fear mode, please bear with me and next Sunday I will show you my blazer the progress I have made on my blazer.

So do you suffer from fabric fear?  and if you do, what causes it?


  1. Ooh the Victoria Blazer is in my pattern queue too. Which view are you making? The kind of fabric fear I suffer from is the kind where I'm just scared to try and sew it on the sewing machine (because it's knit, or super fine, or basically anything not completely woven and stable). I don't worry about cutting out - though maybe I should, and I might not be so haphazard! Good luck with your blazer, your fabric choices look great!

    1. Thank you, I'm making variation 1 as I want sleeves and pockets. I think the fabric should be ok as it is stable woven cotton, I think fabric wise I/m steering clear of slippery fabrics.


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