8 Jul 2013

Floral Alma

Floral Sewaholic Alma
After the last post my PC decided that it would stop working and is currently at the PC hospital.  Not realising it would take so long but glad to be back to my blog.

I may make a plain Alma
with the rest of this fabric

I made this back in February but this is the first time its made it to the blog.  It is my version of Sewaholic's Alma.  During winter and spring I was sourcing places to buy fabric and this came from one of the local Asian stores which sell fabric as suits (Salwar kameeze). This means that you buy roughly 2 meters each of two complementary fabrics one would be for the trouser (usually plain) and one would be for the top (in this case floral).  Sometimes there is also a scarf made from chiffon.

There were some very ornate fabrics with beautiful border prints and embroidery but for this project I wanted something more simple.  The floral is similar to a ditsy print and I think the fabric is polyester.  For a first fabric it was a bit slippery, especially when cutting.  I used plenty of tins of baked beans as fabric weights to hold it down.

Invisible zipper is, well, invisible
front view of Alma.
Next one will be more fitted now
 I have my dress form

I made Alma version A, but without the belt.  I love the cap sleeves which although look tricky were not too much hassle.  They are also very flattering on me  The blouse comes together easily and the invisible zipper was a triumph.  What i really love is how many times i have worn this out and I have got compliments on it from people who didn't know I had made it.  I really like the neckline although it had its own issues and I tried topstiching which again will need some practise.  This is my first piece of proper sewing and I am very proud of it.

topstiching - not sure why I chose zigzag

I will be definitely making it again and with so many variations it will be difficult to choose which one will be next.  If you haven't made an Alma yet why not give it a try.  

Have you made Alma?  How did you find it as a pattern?  what fabric did you use?  Do you wear it often or does it lurk at the back of your wardrobe ?Next time its Colette's Ginger. 

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