20 Jun 2013

Several false starts but here we go...

I am not very good with writing this blog but hope to be more prolific from now on.  I have thought about why I was not blogging and it not because I wasn't sewing or that I didn't have time.  I have decided that it was because I am actually shy.  Awwww. This came as a shock to me as I'm normally considered to be a very confident person.  But seriously the idea of posting photos of myself online is quite daunting and this has been stopping me from posting the items I have made.  This blog was supposed to be a way of recording my sewing journey and all the things I have made.  A gallery/diary of my progress and something I should be proud of. So  I will be adding photos soon but for the meanwhile on my very new and beautiful Lady Valet until I'm feeling more confident.

What was I hoping to achieve this year...
When I decided to start sewing my own clothes it was because, like many others, I wanted clothes that fit.  My aim was to sew 12 garments in 12 months.  I also wanted to only use independent pattern designers. The list I started with in January has changed as new patterns have been added that I simply wanted to try.

1. Colette Ginger Navy Corduroy
2. Sewaholic Alma Floral
3. Sewahloic Minoru
4. Tillys Mathilde Navy spot
5. Colette Laurel dress
6. Colette Peony dress
7. Colette Hazel dress
8. Sew Liberated Clara dress
9. Sew Liberated Skinny jeans
10. A hoodie top - forgotten where this was from
11. Sewaholic Renfrew
12. Colette Clover or something similar

Let me know what you think and if you know which pattern  number 10 is.
Look forward to your comments and thank you for stopping by.  My next post will be about Sewaholic's Alma.  Hope to see you soon

Also I am wanting to follow a current sewalong, any ideas or recommendations would be appreciated

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