18 Jul 2013

Pink Ginger

Colette Ginger toile

I made this toile/muslin after Alma back in the spring.  In my quest to complete 12 projects, it would be rude not to make some Colette Patterns.  Having made a blouse, I decided I should try something different and so I chose Ginger, a beautiful A line skirt with three different versions.  A favorite of bloggers and with so many examples out there, it sold itself as a pattern.  Colette patterns are awesome and like Sewaholic so easy to follow.  As this was my first Colette and first skirt I thought it best to make a muslin.  

I had been shopping for fabric in Ikea of all places back in February and had some thick cotton strange pink coloured fabric.  It looks perfect for home furnishings but not sure for clothing, although definitely hard wearing in a gabardine kinda way.  The skirt requires interfacing.  This was straightforward although like always I checked and double checked everything so it actually took a while.  Since then Tilly has put up a post on interfacing which can be found here and is her usual high standard.  The skirt came together well and was a pleasure to make especially as it has few pieces.  

not so invisible, invisible zipper

Having recently completed Alma I was confident with the invisible zipper.  I thought I no longer needed to use the fabulous Colette tutorial video and so struggled for two stubborn days before watching the video and completing it perfectly in about 30 minutes.  lesson learnt ; Use the fab video from Colette 

Rushing the sewing 

The finish of the zip is not so good but this was never supposed to be a wearable muslin.  The zip is not very invisible  but the cream zip was always going to struggle next to the pink in it camouflage abilities.  You will also note, the observant of you, that the hem is unfinished tut tut.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and if you have please leave a comment.  This toile/muslin was in preparation for a navy corduroy ginger skirt.  My inspiration coming from a gorgeous red chunky corduroy skirt mad by Tilly   This will feature in my next post as well as pictures of the hemmed pink ginger. 

Have you made Ginger? or are you planning one at the moment, would love to hear what you have done.

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  1. Hello! What an awesome colour- shame it's a toile in so many ways - but at least you've got the experience under your belt to head on to the corduroy. Hope it's going well.
    Btw, your Alma is lovely! Really pretty. I hope it's getting lots of wear & you are enjoying the fruits of your labours!


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