10 Oct 2013

Fabric Designers

One of the things that drew me to start making my own clothes was my love of fabric. Like many, I fell for the vast range of pretty cottons and their cute patterns and bright colours.  I'm sure their are also many dressmakers who have made stunning outfits in quilting cotton only to find that although it looks beautiful , well sometimes its a bit stiff and uncomfortable.

For the last year I have been trying to find beautiful fabrics that would also make comfortable clothes.  There are a great many to be found online and , if you are lucky enough, in your local fabric store.  But it is still the quilters who have the largest choice and selection.    This is not to say it is impossible though.  I am hoping to start reviewing some of the best on my blog.

My intentions are to showcase my favorite designs sourced from independent fabric designers. (spot the theme)  This is very much an organic process.  I am in no way affiliated with any of the designs I will place on this feature in my blog. I simply want to show fellow dressmakers designs I think would be really nice made into clothes.  If you choose to go on and buy fabric from them and make stunning, elegant and awesome makes, I believe its a win-win situation.

I hope that the designers do not mind me posting on my blog, I will always of course credit them   The last thing I would want to do is offend.

So the first design will be unveiled next Thursday and then once a month after that. I hope you like it and look forward to your comments.

Also the photos of the staple dress are now available on this page sorry it took so long and thank you for bearing with me

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