30 Jan 2014

Knitting update - Promise more on sewing soon

Yes I know this sewing blog has been taken over by knitting.  Normal service will be resumed soon.  Well the good news is that I have completed my January plans and have made both a hat and scarf.  The scarf was made with double knit wool and involved 20 stitches cast on and then knit until I felt it was long enough then cast off.  Very easy and a great starting point to get confidence up.   I like the stripes that just knitting gave the scarf. The hat was a success in that it is indeed a hat but I don't think I will be wearing it. It also included more skills so cast on knit decrease and cast off but also sewing together to form the shape.

The knitting for February is a flower and a childs cardigan.  This seems like quite a leap but I will may close attention to the wool I buy as I think that the hat was less successful as this was odd ball of wool from the back of the cupboard so I'm not really sure what it was maybe too stretchy.

Well with the weather getting colder here at least my neck will stay warm.

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