31 Jan 2014

New Year Sewing plans - delayed by one month oops

Well just managed to get this in before the end of January (unless you are based in Australia or nearby).  My plan sounded achievable at the beginning of the year, and it is, if I hadn't got sidetracked by knitting so I have decided that rather than trying to play catch up I will just move everything round a month - sneaky huh.  So this month - by that I now mean February my sewing plans are to make two tops.


Well I started with inspiration from Ruche which do modern vintage and normally have some cute stuff.  For February my two designs are below.
Inspiration from Ruche

I do not intend to make something identical to these, this is just my starting point.   Looking at the white top I choose to make it using Grainline's Scout pattern, but as yet do not have a pattern that is similar to the second top - ideally it will be from an independent designer.  If you know of a pattern please let me know.
I've not made this pattern before so will make a simple toile first to check the size and become used to the pattern- that said from what I have read it is not a difficult pattern.  

I also want to become more familiar with different fabrics as my knowledge is extremely limited at present.  My toile will be made in good old polycotton  So now I've written about it I have no excuse but to get on and make it.

If you have any suggestions for a pattern for the second make please leave a comment below.

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